Successful engineering processes revolve around the highest quality and reliability. Therefore Barkmeijer has a fulltime available in-house engineering team. This team is adapted to custom designs and as such accustomed to engineering ‘from-scratch’. To be able to do so we put great attention to the most important fact of engineering ships; full time quality control. There is a good reason for this.. these drawings serve as sole input for our building process. Good, solid engineering is essential to obtain controlled and efficient building processes. Therefore, our engineering processes are at any time monitored by Barkmeijer employees at C-level.

We work with first class industry-standard engineering software. This environment provides a solution for all shipbuilding disciplines like basic engineering, construction- and arrangement drawings, outfitting and section drawings. Since this software is widely used by many Dutch and international partners, we find it easy to scale up when required. Preferably we work with partners from the Benelux, but we have done various successful projects with engineering partners based in eastern Europe or further abroad. Finally, various project management and 3D review tools facilitate efficient cooperation with owners and managers.


Barkmeijer realizes complex projects by paying full attention to its client’s wishes, and wants to deliver a custom product to their needs instead of a standard solution. We welcome our client’s unique ideas, concepts and designs and embrace them as our own. We have the expertise of both shipbuilding and ships’ operations, which enables us to understand specific needs without comprehensive explanation. We respect singular designs and in cooperation with our experts develop them to reach optimal operational performance.

Our design process is focused on providing tailor-made solutions which help you make profit at sea. We have a keen eye on current developments and are dedicated to your future success. Ships designed by Barkmeijer offer operational excellence as well as the best trade-in value. Our concept designs are based on a holistic approach, because we strive for efficient designs that are safe, offering optimal performance as well as unsurpassed comfort. Barkmeijer excels in supplying mission-specific propulsion configurations where emission reduction and reliable operations are fundamental.

Most ship designs are based on the design spiral, but projects initiated by Barkmeijer go further and move beyond existing boundaries. We seek out optimal weight distribution, combining steel, aluminum and composites. To Barkmeijer it is important for design solutions not only to meet the requirements, but also to meet unarticulated needs and future requirements.


We are builders, since 1850. Over three hundred ships have left our dock. All at the highest Barkmeijer standards.
Dwight D. Eisenhower found that plans were useless, but planning was indispensable. Same goes for ships; successful production starts with a thorough production planning. Milestone plans are clearly communicated with owners, sequence plans help all disciplines work together efficiently.
Then you need the best people to implement your plan; fully-certified Barkmeijer personnel. Passionate people that take pride in their work. Welders who work with steel as well as aluminum. Foremen that have been Barkmeijer employees for longer than thirty years. Long term focus, short lines.

Barkmeijer only uses the highest grades steel and aluminum. Plates arrive ready-cut, automatically numbered, marked with construction lines and beveled. We have a long lasting working relationship with many local suppliers, but do not shy away from working with the largest international players.

We are used to work from various building locations; our home base Stroobos, Harlingen, Groningen and beyond. Supervision is accurate, fair and supportive. Progress is reported regularly basis to owners.


Barkmeijer’s commissioning tests and sea trials are thorough and intense. They aim to prove that the systems perform to the specifications of the client and operate according to design intent. During the commissioning process we evaluate our product together with the client, to check if it complies with the demands originally set by the client. Barkmeijer provides all the required engineers, captains and specialists from the classification society. We guarantee that it’s our boots on the deck. We only sign off on new products when the performance exceeds both our own and our client’s expectations.